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Threat Modelling

Cyber Security is increasingly becoming a boardroom topic, but security professionals tend to struggle to explain cyber risk in terms that the board understands. That is assuming they themselves really understand what risks their organisation is facing in the first place.

Threat Modelling is a structured approach to analysing the cyber security of an organisation. It assesses and quantifies cyber risks based on the potential damage to the organisation, and identifies the most effective security solutions that can deployed to mitigate them

It can however be a complex task, especially as the threat landscape is constantly changing or if you don’t have the expertise.

Our Threat Modelling service will uncover the key threats that have the highest likelihood to adversely impact your organisation. Cyber Security is our bread and butter so we understand all of the risks, large and small, that organisations face, and we know the latest technologies and strategies that can defend against them.

By identifying the threat actors that your organisation is facing, you’ll be well-placed to prioritise security efforts.

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