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Threat Intelligence

In order to build an efficient cyber security strategy, organisations must first understand the cyber risks they are faced with. Threat Intelligence enables organisations to profile threat actors based on their motivations, intentions and characteristics. With this, they can mitigate cyber risk more effectively and improve their security posture by understanding who is most likely to attack and how.

Threat Intelligence is evidence-based knowledge, including context, mechanisms, indicators, implications and actionable advice, about an existing or emerging threat to your network that can be used to inform decisions regarding your response to that threat.

Our Threat Intelligence service provides you with relevant, in-depth insights that you will be able to incorporate into your cyber security operations to better protect your high-value assets.

Being specialists in cyber security, we have the experience and expertise to decipher large amounts threat information and data, and then turn that into powerful threat intelligence, relevant to your organisation, industry and the countries you operate in.

We gather threat intelligence from a range of sources, both internally from your organisation and externally from our own experience and open-source intelligence (OSint). With this, you will have a clear view of the current threat landscape, which will help you better manage information security and protect you from cyber attacks.

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