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Social Engineering

Hacking isn’t just a technical activity. As technologies evolve to protect against the latest threats, cyber criminals look for new ways to attack. Social Engineering is an attack vector which focuses on human interaction and involves tricking people into breaking security procedures. It comes in many different from cold calling to sending malicious emails disguised as being from a trusted source.

We offer Social Engineering testing to see how susceptible your employees are to compromise. Tests will be designed to mimic attacks that malicious social engineers will use to trick your employees and breach your company.

Our Social Engineering service also includes learning packages which will help prepare your employees for these types of attacks, improving their overall security awareness. We’ll tailor our training to the threat models that your organisation and employees are facing.

Social engineering has been proven to be one of the most effective exploitation techniques used by hackers to bypass even the most extensive security protection. By testing and then training your employees you can make this link as strong as possible, increasing your security posture.

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