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Secure Configuration Audit

Organisations nowadays are dynamic and constantly evolving. Systems that were installed previously are often neglected meaning they can be compromised. As staff turnover occurs, system and network configurations become less secure and old entries which were once temporary become permanent. All of this weakens your security posture leaving you at risk of a breach.

It is important to proactively manage these issues to ensure you reduce unnecessary cyber vulnerabilities.

A Secure Configuration Audit is essential for identifying vulnerabilities arising out of weak and misconfigured systems and devices.

Our comprehensive audit inspects every component of your network for the vulnerabilities hackers exploit to gain access. We’ll provide you with an in-depth analysis of your security posture and a high-level remediation plan so you can fix any issues identified.

We use a four-step process:

Analysis and Scoping

A thorough audit should be properly defined so that the security consultant can focus on areas which are in scope while caveating those which are out of scope. The effort spent in this phase improves the overall quality of the audit.

The Audit

Your audit will be completed by a skilled and experienced security consultant. It will be a systematic examination aimed at identifying where your infrastructure or policies can be improved. All previous audits should be made available to maximise effectiveness.

Review of Findings

Your audit will be documented in a manner that explains where improvement is necessary – it is not a critique of previous work. It will be provided shortly after your audit and will concentrate on the areas of your audit that were highlighted as requiring attention.

Remediation Plan

A high-level remediation plan will be included in your audit report explaining what action is required to address the issues identified. We will usually offer you a discount for work undertaken as a result of audit findings.

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