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Phishing Campaign

No matter how good your technical security solutions are, it won’t prevent your employees from being deceived by a phishing email. Phishing emails are fraudulent emails masquerading as coming from a legitimate sender, attempting to get the user to reveal sensitive information or click a malicious link. They continue to be one of the easiest and most successful ways for hackers to breach an organisation.

As technology evolves and becomes more difficult to breach, people become the weakest vulnerability point. Add to that that email is still the most common way for malware to be delivered, it’s clear to see that phishing emails pose a real threat to your employees and organisation.

Our Phishing Campaign is designed to test how your employees respond to phishing emails, enabling you to identify who needs more security training and what sort of impact a successful phishing attack could have on your business.

We’ll run a simulated real-world phishing attack over an agreed period and to as many employees as you need. Our experienced security consultants will then analyse the results and present back to you. Finally, we can include training to ensure your employees are suitably prepared to deal with the next phishing email that appears in their inbox.

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