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Dynamic Application Security Testing

Software applications are at the core of every business. Today’s organisations deploy a variety of web applications, ranging from external-facing corporate websites to internal-facing portals. While web applications are great for keeping organisations and their customers connected, they draw a lot of unwanted attention from hackers.

Cyber attacks on web applications are on the rise mainly because they are accessible to almost anybody in the world, they are an avenue to a vast amount of sensitive data, and are commonly riddled with weaknesses. If you fail to protect your web applications a security breach could be imminent.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) will detect conditions indicative of a security vulnerability in an application in its running state.

We utilise industry-leading technology to help secure and maintain our client’s critical applications. This offers continuous scanning of applications, providing automatic detection and assessments of code changes and alerting for newly discovered vulnerabilities.

This means any holes in your web applications are quickly identified and can be fixed by your security team before they are exploited by hackers.

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