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Managed WAF

Managed WAF  |  Your Firewall is not a Web Application Firewall

Web applications have become an essential component of business in today’s world. By using web applications, organisations can interact with their customers, employees and stakeholders. However, it makes them a prime target for cyber criminals as they act as a gateway to your sensitive data.

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are designed to help protect your critical web applications but it can be difficult to deal with the ongoing upgrades, patches and policy changes, without sufficient expertise and training. Too often organisations rely on unmanaged or misconfigured WAFs which lowers them into a false sense of security, putting them at an even greater risk of being hacked.

Our Managed WAF service offers an effective solution, helping to ensure your web applications remain secure from the latest threats.

Delivered through market-leading technologies and cyber security experts, we provide real-time management of threat status, alerts and performance, continuous monitoring and management of WAF sensors, and regular tuning and configuration support.

We will safeguard your data, enable compliance, and provide ongoing protection against evolving application threats.

  • Comprehensive application protection
  • Built-in compliance reporting
  • Gain attack insights and intelligence
  • Protection against OWASP Top Ten attacks and Layer 7 DoS and DDoS
  • Inspection of all inbound/outbound traffic and application tuning
  • Virtual upgrades and patches
  • Context-aware risk management
  • Configuration and implementation