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Managed Perimeter

Managed Perimeter |  Leveraging Automation & Orchestration

An ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, increased pressure around compliance and the potentially devastating impact of a security breach means that organisations do not just rely on IT, they demand secure IT. A robust security infrastructure is essential to protect any organisation and for any cyber security strategy to be effective, it must be constantly monitored and well maintained.

Our Managed Perimeter service will strengthen your security posture, reduce complexity, help you manage compliance and navigate regulatory challenges. It provides you with a platform for the operational management of your main IT and security assets.

It is designed to address specific infrastructure security management needs, such as:

Operations Management – day-to-day operations management tasks on configuration.

Performance Monitoring – we will provide regular updates on configuration status of your IT security assets which will help with security architecture planning.

Compliance Management – we will deliver continuous service improvement functions, such as configuration optimisation against industry best practices like GDPR, PCI DSS and ISO27001.

Our Managed Perimeter service includes the main IT security technologies will help to protect your organisation for cyber threats, such as: firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, secure web gateways, secure email gateways and malware sandboxes.