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Managed AppSec

Managed Application Security

The internet has evolved into an essential online marketplace and the business community. Advancements in web applications have changed the way we do business and access and share information. As such, organisations are increasingly deploying web applications, enabling them to offer their services globally and provide their customers and business partners with a seamless digital experience.

By allowing access to our web applications from the internet, we expose them to the risk of being hacked. Cyber attacks against web applications are increasing as they present wide opportunities for hackers, including access to internal resources of the company, sensitive data, intellectual property and disruption of the application. Users of web applications are also at risk since successful attacks allow cyber criminals to steal credentials and perform actions on sites on their behalf.

Our Managed Web Application Security Service provides you with the ability to defend your web applications from advanced cyber attacks.

We protect your applications by implementing application layer security controls. At the core of the service is a web application firewall powered by F5 Networks, protecting against web-based attacks and fraudulent endpoint activity. To prevent further vulnerabilities progressing into your production website we use static and dynamic code analysis to during the SDLC to identify vulnerabilities before they are compiled for production use.

Best of all, there is no software installation on the endpoint required, providing total coverage for all your endpoint devices when accessing your web applications, protecting your data and your users.

The combination of controls overlaid with our expertise in Cyber Security allows you to deploy internet facing applications with confidence that they are protected from advanced cyber attacks.

Protect your applications from diverse threats:

  • Cloud, hybrid or local deployment
  • Ensure application security and compliance
  • Patch vulnerabilities using WAF immediately
  • Improve security of your software development life cycle
  • Protect API and Web Services
  • Layer 7 DDoS Mitigation
  • Implementation only is an option