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Web Application Firewall

Unprotected web applications are the easiest point of entry for hackers and vulnerable to a number of attack types. It is of no surprise then that cyber attacks on web applications are increasing.

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a purpose-built product that can help protect your application when under attack but also provide protection against newly identified vulnerabilities while developers work on a code fix.

The main problem with WAFs is that they are often poorly managed or misconfigured, and that’s where we can help. As cyber security professionals, we have extensive experience in deploying WAF solutions to help protect our client’s critical applications.

We can advise you on what WAF is best suited to requirements, to ensure your applications are protected against OWASP top 10 threats, application vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks. Not only this, but we can help to properly configure it, so you can rest assure that it is performing to high standard, while maximising throughput and ensuring the high availability of the applications it protects.

With the right WAF in front of your applications, you can quickly stop cyber threats and mitigate vulnerabilities, as well as safeguarding application data and enabling compliance.

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