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Virtual Private Networks

Secure communication between your office and remote workers, or between your company and third parties, is now an integral part of any IT infrastructure. Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology allows you to send data over a public network in a private manner by utilising encryption.

Although VPNs provide significant benefits and cost savings, they do come with security risks, such as user-credential-related risks, spread of viruses from remote computers to the internal network, and split tunnelling. If these issues are not dealt with, it compromises the integrity of the data, as well as overall network security.

Our VPN service is designed to deliver an efficient, scalable and reliable way of connecting your sites no matter where they are located, giving you the flexibility and control you need.

If you need to connect your headquarters with a third party but don’t want to expose yourself to being compromised by malware or rogue users, we can install VPN overlays which implement access controls and strong user authentication so you can rest assured that external users can only access what you want them to.

We can also help you deploy a remote access solution for your users that will help drive business productivity. Whether it’s access from an iPhone or Android, iPad or a Microsoft Surface, we can deploy the solution to fit your needs while maintaining security.

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