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Secure Web Proxy

Given the range of threats facing internet users today, it is critical that users are adequately protected when browsing the web. It’s no surprise that more organisations than ever before are looking to implement a secure web gateway to protect their users from infection and enforce security policies.

An effective way of doing this is using a Secure Web Proxy. This works by acting as an intermediary between your user’s device and the internet when a request is made, meaning that the website they are trying to access only sees the proxy, rather than your user.

By implementing a secure web proxy, your users and your network is better protected. It provides improved control over your user’s internet usage, hides the IP address of your user’s computer, blocks unwanted cookies and can scan outbound content. Add to that the increased bandwidth savings and improved speed, it’s easy to see why so many organisations are using a secure web proxy.

We can help you implement a Secure Web Proxy, adding a significant layer of defence to your web browsing.

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