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Secure Email Gateway

Email based malware is deceptive and designed to trick your less security savvy employees. According to research, two-thirds of all malware leading to security incidents are initially delivered via email. Whether it involves infecting an attachment or embedding a malicious link, this attack vector is widely used and to a worrying level of success.

We are also seeing more Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks where specific employees are being targeted by fraudulent emails. This is resulting in a more challenging scenario for the end users who are being put in a position where the emails they are receiving really do look like legitimate messages.

In addition to these inbound threats, organisations also face security risks from sensitive and confidential information being sent out the door via email – either accidentally or intentionally.

We can advise you on a Secure Email Gateway solution that will help stop volume-based and targeted cyber threats, prevent the loss of sensitive data and help maintain compliance with regulations.

Alongside traditional email functions like anti-virus and anti-malware scanning, newer and more advanced features on secure email solutions offer you the ability to configure features like Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies and email encryption. All of which help to protect you from today’s advanced threats.

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