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In recent years we have seen a dramatic rise in cyber attacks targeted at Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) that run our daily lives. As such, cyber security in these environment is now widely accepted as risk that business leaders cannot afford to ignore.

Keeping SCADA systems and CNI safe from cyber threats isn’t just about peace of mind. A widespread, long-lasting disruption could cause a serious disturbance and shut down essential services for millions of people.

Our skilled cyber security professionals can help protect SCADA systems and CNI, by implementing a range of security controls designed to identify vulnerabilities, evaluate the risk of exposure to attack, and then implement the necessary countermeasures to mitigate them.

We realise that the operational IT used in SCADA systems and CNI is challenging to maintain due to the sensitive conditions that it operates in, and that it can be difficult to change old designs due to the unwanted risk of system instability. That’s why we carefully examine the configuration, to ensure any modifications to the infrastructure actually enhance overall security.

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