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Malware Sandboxing

Malicious software, more commonly known as malware, are programs designed to infiltrate and damage computers without the users consent. Today’s threats are increasingly sophisticated and often evade traditional malware security by hiding their malicious intent.

Considering it only takes one threat to slip through for a data breach to occur, sandboxing is an essential component that organisations should add to their security strategy to combat previously unknown threats.

Sandboxing can detect threats that other security may miss by coaxing these threats into revealing themselves. Essentially, it is a safe and secure place where you can execute and observe malicious code such as malware.

We can provide you with a powerful sandboxing solution which includes advanced detection, automated mitigation and actionable insights to stop targeted attacks and unknown threats. Better yet, with our solution you can integrate sandboxing into the rest of your network security technologies so that it can be managed as part of a coordinated defence.

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