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Internal Segmentation Firewall

With advanced threats growing rapidly, perimeter security is no longer enough to keep your network safe. If a threat gains entry, it can spread and eventually extract the sensitive information it was sent to retrieve. Organisations need to have contingencies in place in the event of the perimeter being breached.

Internal Segmentation Firewalls (ISFWs) provide additional layers of security by segmenting the internal network by trust level and restricting the lateral movement and proliferation of threats once they get inside.

This dramatically improves your security, giving you enhanced visibility throughout the internal network. ISFWs can be deployed in front of specific servers, a set of user devices or even web applications sitting in the cloud.

We can advise you on the most suitable ISFWs for your network security and how they should be configured to optimise performance. By limiting the potential damage of threats inside your perimeter, you will be strengthening your overall security posture and mitigating the risk of a large-scale data breach.

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